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Copper and Oak Craft Spirits

Copper and Oak Craft Spirits
Create your very own Bourbon
$3500 value

How it works
-Sit down with our master distiller to design your unique flavor profile.
-Get hands on making your very own mash from scratch.
-Run our state of the art Still, distilling your fermented mash into the finest spirit.
-Barrel you spirit in a 10 gallon customized American White Oak Barrel.
-Come by the distillery any time to check and taste your bourbon as it matures.
-Create your very own label then bottle your bourbon when you say its finished aging.
-When its all complete keep your barrel and take home your very own bourbon, Cheers!
Yield typically 40-70 (750ml) bottles all taxes and TTB approvals included
Winner will be picked on the 1st of December
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