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Buck Off Cancer

Buck Off Cancer
1 in 3 people in the United States will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Even if you yourself are not diagnosed with one of these diseases, it is highly probable that you have family and friends whom have or are battling some form of cancer. Everyone has a cancer story. This is ours...
In April of 2018 Jessica began experiencing severe GI symptoms. For months she tried different diets and saw different doctors trying to resolve it. She was diagnosed with several different GI disorders. However, the treatments did not work and her symptoms continued to worsen. In typical Jess style, she continued to push through and continue to run her equestrian business, JH Eventing. During this time, one of the members of her beloved “Jack Pack” (two Jack Russell Terrier brothers she has had since their birth) fell sick and was admitted to Tufts. Burghley was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma (an extremely aggressive cancer of the blood vessels) and left this earth on July 22, 2018*. Jess continued to push on through her awful symptoms and heartbreak. Yet, she knew when Burghley had cancer that he was giving her a sign.
At the end of August 2018 (upon driving home from Town Hill Farm Horse Trials coaching at Area 1 Championships) Jess was admitted to the Brigham and Women’s hospital in Boston where she spent quite a bit of time and then received some unnerving news for her 30th birthday. Unfortunately, Burghley was right. As it turns out, Jess had been misdiagnosed. She has cancer. Stage 4 colon cancer to be specific.
While terrifying, Jessica’s team of physicians at the Brigham and Dana-Farber have stated that their goal is a CURE. Treatment will be tough, but all of those who know Jess know that she is TOUGHER. A saying in the equine world is “The Show Must Go On”. It is a saying Jess has always lived out and is continuing to do so while undergoing treatment. Jess is beyond appreciative for her friends, barn family, and support system!
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