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Get Freud to Auckland

Get Freud to Auckland
"For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack."

My family is moving to New Zealand and I need to go with. I am only two years old and still have so much love to give. As a British Staffordshire Terrier, I am welcome in Auckland, but it will cost more to move me there than my three humans. Please can you help?

I love my mom and dad, but my best friend is our mancub, Alyx. Alyx and I sleep together at night and we always play together and go for walks with mom. Alyx loves to crawl over me and pull my ears, and I let him! Staffies are also known as Nanny Dogs! I will be so sad without the Alyx puppy in my life, I've loved him since he was growing in mom's belly.

Please don't let me stay behind in South Africa, any donation would be much appreciated.

Yours in woofness

Freud Montgomery Baldwin
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