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Sheep Dog Impact Assistance

Sheep Dog Impact Assistance
Sheep Dog Impact Assistance (SDIA), is a national nonprofit organization that exists to engage, assist and empower our nation’s “Sheep Dogs” – those who have served or are currently serving in our country’s military, law enforcement, fire & rescue, and emergency medical services professions.

SDIA offers our members and fellow Sheep Dogs continued service opportunities through our disaster response and outdoor adventure programs, which are vital to getting Sheep Dogs up off the couch and reengaged in life. After a shift or tour of duty ends, or an in combat or the line of duty injury occurs, these brave men and women often become depressed, isolated and lose their sense of purpose. By getting them up off the couch and around peers who have lived through similar situations, they receive the camaraderie and peer support they need, as well as healing and a renewed sense of purpose.
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