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Charleston Animal Society

Charleston Animal Society
Please take this opportunity to support Toby’s Fund and save animals.

For 145 years, Charleston Animal Society has led the South in preventing cruelty to animals and is recognized as a model of lifesaving success.

In 2013, the Animal Society launched the boldest animal rescue initiative in the Southeast and built the region’s first No Kill Community, a feat many people thought improbable.

The Animal Society cares for upward of 20,000 animals, representing over 50 species, each year, keeping most of them out of shelters and with their families.
However, approximately 9,000 animals fall through the cracks and into the Animal Society’s safe hands. Most of these helpless animals are injured, ill or abused. Toby’s Fund provides for their medical and veterinary care and is our most critical need for the thousands of lives we save each year.
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$51,345 raised
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