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Hey guys, it's me, Cre! So, some of you may know that aside from giving great hair, I love to give deserving women a head to toe makeover! It's my way of giving back! Nothing is more fulfilling than helping a woman realize how beautiful she is! See, life can be challenging for many of us. We've overcome dealing with the lose of a loved one, abusive relationships, mental stress or illnesses, homelessness. We've fought with self doubt, , obesity, health issues, struggling to make ends meet! We've raised productive members of society on our own with minimal help or resources and we've come out ON TOP!! I'm SUCH a fan of the woman that perseveres, the woman that makes a way when no one else sees one! I can relate to that woman because I am that woman!

This makeover is for the woman determined to always see the silver lining or the light at the end of the tunnel. The woman who may have tears in her eyes yet she still pushes forward because she realizes this is just a small event that's not meant for a lifetime. You might be this type of woman or know this woman! This is for you! A day of praising, pampering, and positivity to celebrate what you've overcome. We've all felt our wings have been clipped at one time or another, but we always learn to fly again????
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