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Powerhouse Basketball Inc.

Powerhouse Basketball Inc.
PowerHouse Basketball, Inc is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing children in the Central Florida area with an opportunity to compete in amateur sports leagues such as the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) and Youth Basketball of America (YBOA). As a member of our PowerHouse Bulls basketball team, our mission is not only geared towards helping our children develop through sportsmanship and physical fitness, but more importantly by providing a platform for the kids to develop intellectually through mentoring, tutoring, and community service. Our goal is to teach our children core values that build character, skills that they will be able to utilize on and off the court. Both AAU and YBOA are organizations that share our common goal of providing opportunities for personal growth through the spirit of basketball and being affiliated with these organizations our children are provided the opportunity to compete nationwide. This past season our teams competed locally and nationwide and have won two national titles back to back, three state titles and numerous tournament championships, between all of our teams.
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