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Prodigy Leadership Academy

Prodigy Leadership Academy
PLA is a Christian School where we believe children are loved and uniquely designed by God for great purposes. We meet our students where they are, understand them, and give them the highest level of support in their life journey.

We have grown to over 100 students from all walks of life and socioeconomic backgrounds. Thanks to the support of donors, children who could not attend due to financial restraints have experienced the Prodigy Way and we have 38 acres of land with plans to build. Being submitted to God has been a truly humbling and exciting experience!
Raffle River has helped Prodigy Leadership Academy raise $9,834 and host 1 raffle.
$9,834 raised
Mrs. Sarah Summers - Communications, Main Contact
Team Members
Abhinav Y.
Adeline C.
Alise N.
Amelia L.
Andie P.
Andrew P.
Anissa E.
Anna A.
Anna-Clare J.
Anthony C.
Anthony F.
Ashlynn W.
Ava N.
Avery L.
Axel D.
Benjamin P.
Braelyn B.
Brian K.
Brody G.
Brylee M.
Caitlyn C.
Clark J.
Cleveland R.
Cooper S.
Courtney M.
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