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donaes benefit

donaes benefit
Donae was in a traumatic car accident in 2007. She had just graduated from high school in Forest lake. She was out with friends a few weeks after graduation. Donae was at a party and when it came time to go she left with her sober cab. What she didn’t know was that her sober driver had also been drinking. They made it a few miles before rolling and wrapping the car against a tree.

Donae ended up breaking her neck and becoming a c4,c5, c6 Quadriplegic. Resulting in three paralyzed limbs. She was n the hospital for a few months learning to do everyday things like brush her teeth again or write her name. She was then transferred to Courage Center(courage Kenny now) where she stayed for 10 months. In those ten months she miraculously got movement in her right arm that was paralyzed. To this day she still struggles with that arm. She had a tendon surgery March 2018 that gave her some more function.

Back to being discharged from Courage Center in 2008, she came home to forest lake to live with her family.

Over the past eleven years Donae has never once asked for help with anything financially. She’s never had a fundraiser or benefit. It’s been a struggle for her for many years now. Especially now. Her way of transportation has broken down for good. Her van lift had its last life a couple weeks ago. Her only way of getting out is when she has a medical ride for an appointment. Dealing with this during the winter makes it that much worse.

Donae is a very sweet, caring and outing woman. She has helped do fundraising for others and truly deserves the help. What we are hoping to raise money for is a new handicapped vehicle for Donae, Hand controls, and any other conversions.
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