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My Journey
Feb 11, 2018
My story

I was diagnosed with AMP ( Leukemia) on September 23, 2014. I was 45. I didn’t know about leukemia but never believed it to be true when told it was what I had. It was impossible. When I ask about it,the Doctor told me it was blood cancer.

When I was diagnosed I was seriously ill and needed urgent treatment. What followed was a first round of chemotherapy and 90 days in hospital, followed by 3 consolidation chemo treatments over the next several months which ended in July 2015. I was lucky to go into remission and would remain in remission, even though I continue to go and get testing every 3months.

I slowly regained strength and returned to work part-time beginning in Jan 2015. Even though, for the most part, I was feeling stronger and back to normal, my blood counts kept fluctuating and because my Platelet count wouldn’t settle much above lower normal values it always concerned me and I worried that the cancer would come back. I was so happy to be in remission.

During the entire process, from first diagnosis with AMP in 2014 to today, I have kept positive and strong and my family has been my support and strength throughout. Many times I wonder how they coped but they keep insisting I am the one to be admired.

When I think back to before my diagnosis, and knowing that the leukemia grows over time, What save me was the signs or symptoms that I was bruising easily & Bleeding,it was little small red spots on my skin.I was very fatigue,tired that was cause i was Anemia.I almost missed the signs,I was feeling really bad with headache,cough,feeling weak and lightheaded.Had appointment to see my doctor and she did a lot of blood work when my blood came back my Platelets was very low.I had some inclination after a routine blood test that the counts are normal and we watched them over next 5-6 year. For me the only thing that stands out is that even though I was always active and healthy, I seemed to be more physically drai
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