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Oregon Turfgrass Foundation

Oregon Turfgrass Foundation
The Oregon Turfgrass Foundation is composed of turfgrass industry professionals and allied experts who seek to enhance turfgrass users’ experiences and turfgrass conditions. The OTF raises funds to improve the understanding of turfgrass needs, conditions and benefits. Funds raised will provide support for student scholarships and higher education projects including the identification of input efficiencies. The OTF is dedicated to enhancing turfgrass use and its enjoyment.
Since its inception in 2001, the OTF and its precursor organization, the OGCSA Foundation, has raised nearly $300,000 through individual and corporate donations as well as from the annual OTF Foundation Golf Tournament.
The OTF financially supports the Oregon State University Turfgrass Program and helps ensure its success through the establishment of an endowment. Research projects recommended and funded by the OTF serve to benefit Oregon’s state wide turfgrass industry. The OTF actively engages in outreach to the turfgrass industry seeking to both receive and share information.
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Oregon Turfgrass Foundation
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