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Evergreen Preschool

Evergreen Preschool
Evergreen Preschool was founded over 30 years ago by four women in the Vergennes area who wanted a preschool for their children. Since its early beginning, Evergreen’s philosophy has always remained the same. Children learn best by doing what they do best – through their play.

It is our Belief that …

A child’s self-directed play is their primary and most important mode of learning, and it ensures a strong foundation for personal and intellectual growth.

Nurturing a child’s physical, social-emotional, and intellectual development is essential for their personal, life-long success.

An environment , whether it be indoors or out in the natural world, which is warm, welcoming, dynamic, challenging, and safe encourages the greatest possible climate for learning.

A cooperative relationship, with reciprocal communication between teachers and families, allows for a deeper involvement with a child’s education. Responsive, reflective teachers effectively meet the developmental and individual needs of all children.

An emergent curriculum, developed in response to children’s questions and interests, ensures a connection to and ownership of their knowledge. Curriculum and learning objectives should be based upon solid, educational philosophy and evidence-based, early childhood practices.

A co-teaching method enhances the opportunities for a child to approach ideas from multiple perspectives.

Our Vision is …

A new generation of compassionate, creative, and active learners whose education was planted and nurtured at Evergreen Preschool.

Our Mission is …

To be a progressive leader in Vermont’s early care and education system by nurturing the growth of every child with the fundamental belief that all children succeed when their natural thirst for knowledge and meaning are cultivated through play, and when their role as our community’s youngest citizens is respected and valued.
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