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Peachtown Elementary

Peachtown Elementary
Peachtown Elementary School is an independent non-sectarian day school for grades Pre-K through 8, located on the Wells College campus in Aurora, New York. With an enrollment of 25 students and a student teacher ratio of 6:1, Peachtown offers a highly individualized educational program featuring: multi-age classrooms, global education, interdisciplinary curriculum, developmental approach, hands-on learning, foreign languages, swimming instruction, creative and performing arts. Peachtown was founded in 1990.

Our Philosophy

A Peachtown education promotes personal responsibility and self-reliance, as well as a sense of family, tolerance and community. Located in a former home, the informal setting creates a comfortable and secure environment. Children learn at a pace that challenges, but does not intimidate or bore. A close relationship with the Wells College community provides enrichment and diversity unusual to a rural school. College work-study students and Education students work closely with Peachtown teachers, helping to provide individualized instruction.
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