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Jhb Hope Foundation

Jhb Hope Foundation
JHB Hope Foundation is a Global Outreach Ministry that seeks to share an unprecedented message of love, compassion and hope to the less privileged. Our mandate is to show God’s love by helping those in urgent need of basic life necessities such as clean water, food, healthcare, good education and others. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and we partner with both local and international community members including churches and government agencies. Our headquarters is located in Baltimore Maryland. You can explore some of our projects at www.jhbhopefoundation.org and www.jhbwalkforwells.com.

We are currently focused on building wells to provide clean water to various remote communities that are hazardously affected by lack of clean water. A single well in such communities transforms life tremendously. Incidences of deadly diseases like cholera, typhoid, and diarrhea are reduced significantly; education of children is enhanced, incidence of child abuse is reduced, adults productivity at work is improved and small scale businesses spring up automatically.

The impact of a single well on the socio-economic, psychologic and mental states of such communities is so enormous that we consider well projects as one of the best investments in the world. On the average an investment of $100 could have positive impact on at least 100 people for so many years. Yet, as many as 900 million people around the world still suffer the clean-water crisis. In the spirit of global responsiveness to a completely solvable problem, Jhb Hope Foundation is reaching out to the global community to partner with us to reduce this crisis significantly.
We are currently building wells in Bangladesh, Nigeria, Ghana, Chad, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Gambia, Uganda, South Sudan, and Liberia. We plan to expand to other communities in future. We hope you can partner with us by supporting this raffle and help solve the clean water crisis.
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