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tadbir sazeh hormoz

tadbir sazeh hormoz
My company worked for 2 years on a tourist project that has the potential to become the world's largest tourist complexes. This initiative by the German Deutsche Bank guarantee is $ 500 million. Approved by the Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization and the construction of 200 acres of land have been allocated nationally. I decided to build outside of IRAN have kindly set up
I am owner of "global village".The complex as a "Center of Dialogue Among Civilizations", "Center for Global Peace," "The united People", "hive of major international companies" and etc will be known.
Project "Global Village" will cost about 2.5 billion $.
(The "Business Plan" is specified) According to my research the sales profit is 615.9% & If the operation , Initial investment back within 2.5 years
Below is a summary of my project:
The " Global village " as the largest tourist complex in the world
A small model of the whole World , including parts :
1 ) the world's largest square
2 ) The biggest pool in the world
3 ) The biggest 3-D map of the world (as seen from a NASA spacecraft )
4 ) The world 's greatest venues (including different countries )
5 ) The largest restaurant in the world ( all the world's food can be ordered )
6 ) The world 's largest aquarium
7 ) theater history, geography, religion , language , etc.
The total land area of 200 acres, all of these sites to differentiate the different countries of the world can see
Artefacts , clothing , food, work , music , etc. all within the borders of each country will be displayed in the
Each country's " National day " which is interesting considering the extent of each country varies from 1 day to 4 days
The whole complex is planned for each day of the Country 's national day
By 3D art , artefacts and information for all the major parties are harvested...
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