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Wellington Boarding and Preparatory Academy

Wellington Boarding and Preparatory Academy
Welcome to Wellington Boarding and Preparatory Academy

"Exemplary learning as a lifestyle"

At Wellington we feel as though it is not enough to apply learning only throughout the school year. Learning should be a lifestyle exhibited on a daily basis throughout your life. Exemplary learning is the standard at Wellington as we accept nothing less from our staff and our students.

Wellington has developed an interactive curriculum that allows for each student to experience both hands on and one on one training. With our small classrooms of no more than fifteen students per class, each student will have the ability to get the focused learning that they so deserve. At full capacity Wellington will host only 500 students throughout the school year which is 200 boarding students and 300 day students.

Wellington staff take care to ensure each student’s needs are not just met, but are exceeded. Our instructors unselfishly give of themselves to make each child feel safe and valued. High, yet attainable, expectations are given along with the necessary guidance and support to ensure success for all students. Collaboration between school and home is top priority, because we understand teamwork between school and home is also key to student success.

We at Wellington also understand the global workforce is ever-changing. Therefore, students are encouraged to step into the role of a businessman or businesswoman, to think and inquire like scientists, and to be the technological genius. Self-efficacy is nurtured and encouraged. When students are able to see the end and generate the necessary steps to reach it, then they are setting themselves up to be successful at any career of their choosing.

Boarding life at Wellington begins in the 6th grade and continues throughout their senior year. The students here will enjoy a full range of options flexi, weekly, or full time.
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