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Francis Hardy Center for the Arts, Inc.

Francis Hardy Center for the Arts, Inc.
On the protected shores of Ephraim’s Eagle Harbor, the Hardy Gallery sits at the end of Anderson Dock like a treasure chest, filled with art and history. The dock and warehouse, both on the National Registry of Historic Places, were originally built by Aslag Anderson, a Norwegian immigrant, between 1858 and 1860. They are built in the tradition of his homeland—where, to make the loading and unloading of ships easier, it was not unusual to see a warehouse situated at the end of a dock. Throughout their shared history, the Anderson Dock and warehouse have been vital to the growth, development, and survival of the community of Ephraim. First used as a center for shipping in the 19th century, and then as a port of call for steamers in the early 20th, it was transformed into an art gallery in the mid-1900s and now thrives as a not-for-profit art visual arts organization in the historic district. The Hardy has always been at the cutting edge of progress and development in Ephraim. Historically, the graffiti served as a means to document the comings and goings of sailboats at the dock and visiting boaters have “signed” the warehouse walls with their boats name and the year(s) they docked there. Today, the tradition of mark-making continues. The tradition has become is an intrinsic part of the Hardy’s quirky Door County charm. The Hardy has— and continues to be —a pillar of the Door County art community since the mid-1900s, providing visibility in a non-commercial venue to new and established artists who may or may not have outside gallery representation. We provide outreach through our nationally recognized Community Mosaic Project as well as programming in the visual arts through our Exposure to Creativity and Art Camp programs. Over the years, the organization has grown from a small, volunteer-run facility to a multifaceted non-profit organization that draws more than 14,500 visitors annually, serves over 750 artists and youth each year and manages 75 volunteers.
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