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W. Cary Edwards Foundation

W. Cary Edwards Foundation
The W. Cary Edwards Education Foundation was established in 2010. It was named after a man who believed in the power of education and the opportunities it provides. The W. Cary Edwards Foundation was created in his honor with the mission of funding scholarships and grants at all educational levels. In the last 4 years we have done so much. The foundation was able to aid in the Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort by providing schools with supplies, helping them restock some of their lost inventory, we even helped rebuild a library in an elementary school. We were also able to send selected, deserving students on their educational journey, in the form of grants, to various Universities in New Jersey. Endowment funds were created in his name and the Thomas Edison University posthumously named their school of nursing after him called the W. Cary Edwards School of Nursing. Education was top priority to him in all of his efforts both public and private, and he always believed that power came in the form of education. Please help spread the word so we can continue to help educate!
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