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Ashley Richardson kicking lymphoma's ass Raffle

Ashley Richardson kicking lymphoma's ass Raffle
Ashley is an amazing, intelligent and positively wonderful 26 year old woman. She has worked hard for the past three years to earn her master's in occupational therapy so that she can help make the lives of others more full. She has an amazing father, brother, and husband who love her dearly. Sadly, Ashley's mother passed away after battling cancer when Ashley was 13. It was a hard experience for the entire family, however, Ashley continues on with an amazing positive attitude. After years of hard work, Ashley began working at an outpatient pediatric clinic in April of 2014. She was recently diagnosed with stage one diffuse large B cell lymphoma. While the outlook for this diagnosis is good, the medical costs associated with battling cancer are high. Ashley's husband, Alan, is currently working as a flight instructor; however, they are reliant on Ashley’s income for covering expenses/insurance at this time. In addition, because of the toxic effects of chemotherapy/radiation, they have had to take out additional loans to cover IVF, egg retrieval, and cryopreservation in order to have the possibility of having children someday in the future. In addition, Ashley and Alan have medical bills piling up. This amazing woman has worked hard to make the lives of others better and is now fighting to keep her own. Undoubtedly, she will kick lymphoma's ass; however, it will come at a cost. Ashley is a young woman with a bright future, the goal of this fundraising page is to help relieve the financial stress of battling cancer. Please give as much or little as you possibly can and share with your friends and family. Thanks for your support!
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