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Sarcas Animation Studios

Sarcas Animation Studios
arcas Animation Studios is an upcoming animation studio that will be located in New York. The CEO of the company is Na'eem Liles and we need to fund-raise money for this to happen.
The studio will produce feature films for all ages, with stunning CGI (computer generated images) and 3D features. The studio will use KICKSTARTER to raise the budget for the first film which is planning to be released in the summer of 2016, but it depends on the amount of money we raise.
Animation has been a major genre for over forty years, with the major studios being DreamWorks, Pixar, Disney, and Blue Sky Studios. Animation can reach beyond the limit of live action because you can do anything with animation. Our studio will do 2D animation time to time and we might combine 2D with the CGI to give it a special look.
If you would like a job as an animator or even a voice-over actor, just come to our website when it's created and send us an email.
The money that you donate will be used to buy the equipment like HP and Intel computers and software. Also it will be used to build the render farm and for the location. We will raise our budget money using Kickstarter. We won't hire celebrities to be voice overs in our films, we will let anyone audition. We will turn you into a star and let other acting opportunities come your way.
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