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Five Points Runners Track Club, Inc.

Five Points Runners Track Club, Inc.
The Five Points Runners track club is now moving into our third season. We continue to provide children, primarily on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, the opportunity to train and compete in track, field and long distance events. The team welcomes children of all abilities from the ages of 7-13. Our primary goal is to promote an atmosphere of mutual respect while engaged in athletic activity; however, we also aim to:

* Allow children to learn and display the values of sportsmanship, dedication, desire, discipline, and tenacity.
* Enable quality training and competition that ensures optimal performance with minimal disruption to their academic and social lives.
* Provide a meaningful athletic experience that will create a positive lifelong impression.
* Ensure an environment that guarantees the health, safety, and welfare of our children.
* Allow children to learn at their own pace and have fun while doing so.
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