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Cook IVF Fund

Cook IVF Fund
Thank you for coming and checking out our page!
My husband I want to share a little bit of our story and what the dream is.
This story starts three years ago when Mike, and I were married. We both knew we wanted a baby but no effort to try was put in place (in the same we did not, not try either lol). I knew I had a medical condition called Poly-cystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS. I was diagnosed at 17 and because of the lack of information the doctors gave me; I was left untreated (I must add though there is no cure). Last year, Mike and I started to see a specialist, and I began to take a cocktail of medicines to try to see if we could get pregnant. After a year of trying we had no hope left, and I was feeling emotionally drained after each failed attempt as well as the horrible side effects each new medicine brought. Mike and I knew that we might not be able to get pregnant naturally. After trying everything up to IVF, we have decided to try IVF. While our first thoughts were on adoption, we have been given new information that makes the risk of IVF seem like a much better choice at this time. This is where our friends and family come in, we would like you all to be a part of this journey as well as we need your help to get us there. We need to raise $10,000.00. If you find it in your heart to help we would be forever thankful!
Thank you all for your time!
Mike & Megan Cook
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