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Offgrid eco pioneers

Offgrid eco pioneers
Hello, we are Off Grid eco pioneers, we represent a team of enthusiast that want to change the world, help humankind, bring the light where it's darkness and change the sadness with joy. We are kindly ask for your help in our project, goal, so that we can fulfill that joy. Our project stages are: - creating a small Eco-village composed of 4-5 houses with work shops so that we can teach others sustainability also in that process construct small pico-solar generators that we will give to the less fortunate brother and sisters. We also with the Eco village want to attract companies and with them in exchange for their publicity we will donate money to the local food banks so that the less fortunate can receive not only the light but also the food. We are aiming to raise awareness about the poverty and also about sustainability. we want to first help the unfortunate families then educate and also help them with jobs so that will be able to get on a normal track. thank you for the time in reviewing our project, every help is kindly appreciated.
We offer 10 prizes that contains a digital copy of our step by step off grid system design and construction.
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