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BCB Bots, Wood River High School Robotics Team

BCB Bots, Wood River High School Robotics Team
Wood River High School has had a robotics team for 7 years, initially we were the only VEX robotics team in the state of Idaho. Over the past two years the High School team has grown to include the Elementary and Middle School level in Blaine County School District and we now call our selves BCB Bots or (Blaine County Bots). We now have 10 teams at the high school and middle school and attend @ 6 tournaments a year. It has also grown in the state of Idaho and there are now 50 plus teams in the state. This raffle is raising money to cover annual registration costs for teams as well as tournament registration fees.

The prizes are as follows:
Raffle River has helped BCB Bots, Wood River High School Robotics Team raise $2,710 and host 2 raffles.
$2,710 raised
Kevin Lupton, Main Contact
(208) 578-5020
Team Members
Alex Bingham
Beckett Nasvick Dykhouse
Cameron Maxwell
Carson Smith
Carter Gerringa
Cole Taylor
Dawson Hicks
Drew Merrick
Jens Blackman
Joseph Anderson
Kegan Lupton
Kevin Browder
Kevin Lupton
Liam Jones
Luke Dean
Sam Bingham
Sean Sheehan
Zach Deal
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