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Plexus Gems Thrive Home

Plexus Gems Thrive Home
The Plexus Gems new Thrive home in Pattaya will provide restorative aftercare to children who have survived severe trauma and sexual abuse. It will be a loving home environment with all the things that makes Thrive Homes a thriving environment for children to recover and have restored and renewed hope.

The Plexus Gems home will be located in the city of Pattaya Thailand overseen by Thrive Rescue Homes, an anti-trafficking non-profit organization run by Jeremy & Jenifer Kraus. Thrive's safe home for girls rescued from child sex trafficking is in one of the highest visited cities in SE Asia by sex "tourists". The new Plexus Gems home will maintain a high standard of restorative aftercare for child survivors of extreme trauma and abuse.

The Problem

Precious children rescued from the child sex trade are in urgent need of a safe and nurturing home. These little ones have suffered unimaginable trauma and require protection, special care and much love. The Police regularly call Thrive to ask us if we can take in yet another victim of child trafficking. Lack of space in our Pattaya Rescue Home means we are currently forced to say: “We have no more room”. This is not good enough.

The Solution

Thrive Rescue Homes provide a tender home environment where every child is valued, loved and educated. Thrive Homes are where miracles happen, where restoration takes place, where the broken are put back together with great tenderness and care. With your help we can build a second home in Pattaya. Together we can be the hands and heart of God for children who have suffered so deeply, children who have nowhere else to go.

What: A Rescue Home for traumatized and sexually abused children.

When: The need is now. The Home will be opened as soon as funds are raised.

Why: These precious children need safety, love and healing. If not Thrive, then who?
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