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Lifting Spirits

Lifting Spirits
The mission of Lifting Spirits is a simple one, to share the joy and meaning of the Christmas season with elderly individuals in area nursing homes in the Birmingham metro area. These individuals are often forgotten during this time of year or have no other family to spend the holiday season with. So our goal is compassion in action for an incredible group of people who are seeking to be loved during the holiday season.

We began our mission very simply by reaching out to individuals, businesses for any type of donations. With these kind gifts and supporters we have been able to reach as many as 211 people. These simple gifts allow us to be able to show an expression of God’s amazing love.

However, Lifting Spirits is seeking ways to expand their reach to be able to assist more senior citizens during this time of year. So we are trying to raise money and social awareness for this noble cause.

Our 2014 major effort is the development of a Lifting Spirits Cookbook which is a collection of our Facebook page friends down home tried and true recipes. We hope to have other opportunities to raise funds to expand our outreach. For every dollar that we raise it allows us to provide at least one gift to a senior citizen. Something as simple as hand lotion that we take for granted, could be a treasured gift for that person. No gift or donation is too small.

We hope that you will like our page and follow us while we are “Lifting the Spirits of Greatest Generation”.
Raffle River has helped Lifting Spirits raise $1,926 and host 1 raffle.
$1,926 raised
Dave Branch, Main Contact
Team Members
Angela Moore Duck
Darlene Blackney Murry
Dave Branch
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Lynn Barrett
Pamela Gann
Trini Nichols Thompson
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