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Discovery Austin Class 94

Discovery Austin Class 94
The philosophy of Discovery-Austin is quite simple: To meet people where they are, no matter what, and help them discover answers within themselves.

At Discovery, it really is that simple. No matter your race, religion, outlook, or belief system, Discovery is designed to enrich your life and help you become the best person that you can be.

Founded in 1998, Discovery! was created to provide a balanced approach to enhancing people's lives. Collaboration and partnership with Dr. Phil and Dr. Joe McGraw's group training workshops in the mid 1980's helped lay the foundation for what is now Discovery! By utilizing some of the most effective principals from the training workshops, Discovery! takes the same principals and presents them in a more user-friendly format and in a shorter time frame... all at a more reasonable tuition.

Since its inception, Discovery! has seen literally thousands of lives enriched and broken dreams restored through the use of time proven tools and basic truths to life.

Discovery! Austin is a 501(c )3 non-profit organization, and is run primarily by alumni volunteers.
Raffle River has helped Discovery Austin Class 94 raise $945 and host 1 raffle.
$945 raised
Christian Mueller, Main Contact
Team Members
Abigail Becker
Audra McElmurry
Austin Long
Candace Zaslaw
Christian Mueller
Class 94 Leader
Daniel Rodriguez
Danny Jordan
Darla Biggerstaff
Jynne Rivera
Marilu Vargas
Matt Johns
Pamela Elliott
Simon Page
Stacey Ivicic
Stephanie Elmore
Tanya Graham
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