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Your Royal Too

Your Royal Too
I lost my daughter two years ago, due to lack of stability to her father. We we're forced to leave Alabama and move to Michigan after he put us out of our home that we built as a family. Once in Michigan we began to live life I registered her for school here and found work as an housekeeper and made due with what we had. While in Michigan I made sure I kept in contact with her father and his family, about six months being here she was snatched away one night by her dad. He stated I wasn't stable and fit financially to care for her. Although it may sound good that she's with him, they reside in Alabama and I in Michigan. I travel several times a year to visit her and to stay apart of her life. However it has been very hard to maintain an occupation due to frequent travel. So I decided to come up with an nonprofit organization to help mothers get stable or remain stable so they will never have to experience what I'm going thru. We
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