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Prayers and Perseverance

Prayers and Perseverance
Please help children in need of protective services and advocacy who can't afford the legal costs involved. Family has poured in everything they have to protect from family violence which has occurred for several years and is in the legal process but just needs the funds to complete. Too many cases where the legal system fails and heartbreaking the outcomes we see in the news too often. We could use your prayers most of all for God's will and protection for these littles ones. Blessings to you all and thank you for sharing, and your support.

Proceeds will go to immediate necessary needs for legal services. (needed right away! before court hearing 11/19/14)

$2500 legal/attorney fees
$1500 costs of professional witnesses involved (Dr.s/therapists)
$250 process fees for subpoena's to necessary witnesses

(not needed right away but within the month to complete court orders)
$1000 children's therapy (already split (50/50)
$900 parent portion of evaluation (was split 50/50)

Thank you so much for any support. I will begin listing raffle items this week! Raffle Item Winners will be selected when goal is reached.
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