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CollectiveBliss Design

CollectiveBliss Design
Just voted "People's Choice" for Accessory Designer of the Year in the 2014 Mercedes Benz of Portland | Portland Fashion & Style Awards!
At CreativeBliss Design, we have a love affair with creating all things bright, vivid, and beautiful! We design artisanal and couture jewelry, with a passion for the richness of detail, craftsmanship, and color that historical pieces have but the edginess and flair of today. We believe in jewelry and adornment as art, and that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy that art, regardless of their age, size, shape, ethnicity, or sexual preference.

We believe in looking ravishing, graceful, and radiant, and always styling yourself and your surroundings so you feel absolutely exceptional. If you aren't complimented at least once a day by someone you don't know on your wardrobe ensemble or perhaps a friend visiting your home, it is time to switch things up! There is no other substitute for that feeling! It isn't about the latest trends...it is about classic elements combined with a few truly outstanding pieces. Classic versus trendy will win out every time. CollectiveBliss also creates luxe gift items and decorative ephemera for the home. Style up your personal space with some discerning items that express your personal sense of charm, wit, and savior-faire. Whether it is jewelry or decorative ephemera, each CollectiveBliss piece is a true artistic piece that can be used on a daily basis or just on special occasions and handed down from one generation to the next.

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