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Timothy's Quest for Mobility

Timothy's Quest for Mobility
Timothy Lee was born prematurely on November 5, 1994 at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Milwaukee weighing 3 pounds 3 ounces. Nine weeks later, on December 23, 1994, Linda and Craig Campana, who operated a licensed foster home in Milwaukee County received a call from their social worker telling them about Timothy’s needs.

On December 27th he attained the necessary 5 pounds and was released into Craig and Linda’s care, along with an apnea monitor and other medical devices. Craig and Linda had been placed with other babies being placed for adoption the year prior but none were as medically fragile as Timothy. Craig, Linda and their 3 year old son, felt their lives were changed forever when Timothy came into their home, and in less time than a week felt very strongly that they wanted to adopt Timothy

It would seem that Timothy was meant to never leave his new home. On March 23, 1995, his adoptive placement was set. Craig and Linda realized his setbacks were many as he failed to achieve the normal developmental milestones of other babies they were placed with (such things as holding his head up, opening his hands, crawling, etc.) and began to work to obtain a diagnosis so he could receive treatment. In August 1995 his doctor officially diagnosed him as having Cerebral Palsy and probably not being able to talk, or walk

When Timothy turned 2 years old his doctor suggested that he start using a wheelchair for mobility. Over the years Timothy has had two surgeries each to insert a vegus nerve stimulator for seizures, g-tube for nutrition supplement and one surgery each to stabilize both hips, and a steel rod inserted in his spine.
For mobility Timothy rides the city bus or transport companies for doctor/dental appointments or lifted in/out of his parent’s van. His need is great for a handicap accessible van so he can be out in the community, transported to medical/dental appointments, school activities, sporting events, and family events.
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