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The Arctic Playhouse

The Arctic Playhouse
The Arctic Playhouse was established as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation in 2014. The founders transformed this venue from a former dog salon into a functional, aesthetically pleasing 90-seat capacity neighborhood theater that offers affordable ticket prices. The Arctic Playhouse has had the opportunity to engage the community in the performing arts by hosting open auditions, providing a venue for local artists to work their craft, and allowing for further community involvement in the organization.

Our mission is to provide the community with affordable access to the performing arts in a variety of genres and styles, while fostering the growth of developing artists. The Arctic Playhouse evolved from the highly successful ‘Daydream Theater Company’ that was founded in Providence, Rhode Island in 2002. In 2014, When Daydream Theater Company was looking for a new location, the idea surfaced to revive a once thriving arts community that had abundant storefront space available. A new venue was secured and Arctic Village, West Warwick and became home to The Arctic Playhouse.
Raffle River has helped The Arctic Playhouse raise $1,247 and host 2 raffles.
$1,247 raised
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