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GearNerds / AmbientNotes - Adoption Raffle!

GearNerds / AmbientNotes - Adoption Raffle!
Here's your chance win some amazing gear and help bring Desmond home from the orphanage.

Prizes packages include:
1st Place - 1 NyStrum Guitar & Jackson Ampworks New Castle 30 Head / Cab

2nd - Creation Pedalboard and Pedals:
- Creation Pedalboard Streamliner Plus
- Deep Six (Walrus Audio)
- Foxtail Transparent OD (FoxPedal)
- Lorena OD (Ohmless Pedals)
- Olympia Fuzz (Caroline)
- Rolling Thunder Reverb (Backwoods Music)
- Custom Starry Night Delay (Midnight30Music)
- Time Traveler (Tapestry Audio)
- Conductor Trem (Matthew's Effects)
- Micro POG
- Concord Buffer (Emerson Custom)

3rd Place - Custom Relic Board and Pedals
- Relic Pedalboard
- Purple Boost (Lotus Pedals)
- Voyager (Walrus Audio)
- Furry Burrito (Yellowcake)
- Janus Fuzz / Trem (Walrus Audio)
- Magnifica Reverb (FoxPedal)
- Destination Rotation (Option5 Effects)
- EM Drive (Emerson Custom)

4th Place Prize - Custom Relic Board and Pedals
- Relic Pedalboard
- Delay TME, Cable and Tap (Cusack)
- Celina (Omega FX)
- KLONE (Pedal Monsters)
- Trem TME, Cable and Tap (Cusack)
- Parmount (Emerson Custom)

5th Place Prize
- Premium Wiring Harness Upgrade for Strat w/ Vintage NOS Hand Rolled Tone Caps

Door Prizes
- Guitars for Glory Kit, Speakeasy (MojohandFX), Paramount (Emerson Custom), White Lighting (Pedal Monsters) and Limited Edition Print Set (Epigaze Audio)
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