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Tunes for Tots

Tunes for Tots
I am a repairer of acoustic instruments. Guitars, ukuleles, violins, drums among others. My main issue is raising to money to purchase the distressed instruments to repair and donate to schools from elementary to high school. I feel that if I could raffle off a nice guitar in the $100.00 to $1500.range for a reasonable price ticket (20-40$) I could earn a lot of revenue to cover much needed tools and materials to move ahead in the effort to satisfactory results. I can also visualize other gear such as amps, drums, microphones etc. My hope is that the program will be successful enough to raise enough money to consistently allow for desirable raffle items which people would be happy to buy an affordable ticket for a chase to win some nice pro gear, The proceeds would have to help support the shop, tools, materials and other expenses. I'm completely new to this. Please advise as to the efficacy of such an endeavor.
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