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The purpose of Hogs For The Cause is to provide aid and relief of those variable expenses and economic burdens families face while their child is being treated for pediatric brain cancer. While the money devoted to pediatric cancer research is dwindling, there is an even bigger void in the variable expenses associated with cancer treatment. It is our goal to fill this void. As a result of the support and success Hogs For The Cause has garnered in past years, Hogs currently operates as a premier funding source for pediatric brain cancer outreach services in the United States.

In both 2017 and 2018, our team was able to raise more than $50,000 for the charity. We also flexed our BBQ muscles with a second place overall finish in 2016 out of 95 teams from around the US.

Team March of the Pigs has a rare combination of BBQ Prowess and Fundraising Power, and in 2019 we are looking forward to cooking up some amazing pork products for the event, which will be judged and sold at discounted prices to the attendees, and to push the envelope and raise $65,000 to help further this cause. In order to achieve this advantageous goal, we are looking for this raffle to raise $10,000 to help us reach this lofty goal.
Raffle River has helped Andrew raise $23,773 and host 5 raffles.
$23,773 raised
Andrew Shuford, Main Contact
Team Members
Amanda and Brian Ballay
Ami Pastorek
Andrew Shuford
Andrew Shuford
Angelo Philip
Arse in Clarse
Brighter Horizons 2 Year Olds
Brighter Horizons 3 Year Olds
Brighter Horizons 4 Year Olds and School Age
Brighter Horizons Infants
Brighter Horizons Toddlers
Bryan Moore
Cara Jacobs
Christian Dabdoub
Claire Talbot
Colin Ross
Courtnie Moore
Cowan Rodgers
Craig Risberg
Eddie Bailey
Frank Palmisano
Gina Shuford
Ivona Glavinic
John Walter
Jon Pierre Pastorek
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