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The BIG League Football Association

The BIG League Football Association
The BIG League offers the best youth football experience in the state of Texas for today's youth players, Our mission is to provide a platform for all players from 5th through 8th grade to play football in a very unique and competitive environment!

For 2015, we need to raise funds to keep the league operational including fields, referees, security, medical personnel, etc. Our goal is to play all of our games at Houston Baptist University and with your support, we can achieve that goal.

For more information on The BIG League Football Association, please visit our website @ www.bigleaguefootball.org
Raffle River has helped The BIG League Football Association raise $2,938 and host 1 raffle.
$2,938 raised
Rhoda Ruiz, Main Contact
Team Members
Aiden Merchant -- we5
Alec Kato -- ol8
Alex Hogan -- fc8
Alex Rodriguez -- we5
Alexander Bagley -- fc8
Allen Lee
Amani Fontenot -- ex8
Amani Fontenot -- ex8
Anthony Bowie -- ex6
Anthony Campos -- fc8
Anthony Williams Jr. -- fc8
Ashton O'Conner -- fc8
Audraleous Henderson -- ex8
Austn "AJ" Roberts -- ol8
Avery Randle -- ol8
Azavier Roane -- ol8
Bishop Davenport --we5
Bora Guzel -- ex8
Brandon Funk -- we5
Brandon Glover Jr. -- ex6
Brian Brown -- fc6
Caiden Rain -- we5
Cameron Garner -- ex8
Canyon Papajohn -- ol8
Carnell Irvin -- fc8
... plus 154 more
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