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Newcastle Canvas

Newcastle Canvas
My aim is to raise £750 to start a business up, this will be used to buy materials to start the business Newcastle Canvas
Why I'm trying to raise the funds
On October 2nd 2013 I started up an online business from home called Heartwork Canvas in Newcastle Upon Tyne making personalised items such as a customers photo on canvas, keyrings and fridge magnets.
Then on June 22nd 2014 I seperated from an ex partner, after separating this person made my life a living hell. I ended up in hospital due to stress, lost my speech and I was freightened to leave the house.
The police advised me to close down my successful online business I had created called (heartwork Canvas) via a social networking site, change my number and close down all emails so the abuse to stop, so this is what I did.
I was now out of work so I had to claim JSA (wheres the justice in that?)
Over six months have passed now, after help and support from my family I now feel strong enough to start again.
I've been working along side the job centre since the 5th November 2014 designing a new website and a business plan.
The good news is my business plan was approved on the 12 December 2014 but due to my debts escalating my credit report is not too good at all now.
Due to this I have been declined my loan application and I have no other means to raise the funds needed.
The way this works;
Pledge any amount you can
If I reach the target of £750.00 - my dreams can become a reality.
If I do not reach the target by the 1.4.2015 all monies pledged will be refunded back to you.
Thank you for taking the time to read my project.
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