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Sew Delightful

Sew Delightful
I am a quilter and I love making beautiful quilts. I want other people to enjoy the products I make, without being burdened by the actual cost. I am in my element when I design a quilt, cut all the pieces, put it together and enjoy what actually is revealed in the finished product. I may have an idea, or a picture in a book, as to how it might look, but I have no idea how it will actually look with my color choices,how I arrange the pattern. It is always an exciting moment when suddenly, after all the hard work that goes into it, to see the quilt take on its own character and become a work of art. I want to make many more and I hope this method of sales will make it more possible for my quilts to find homes and for me to keep doing what I love. Thank you for your support!
Raffle River has helped Sew Delightful raise $1,215 and host 2 raffles.
$1,215 raised
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