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Sarina Leukemia Fund

Sarina Leukemia Fund
4 year old Sarina was diagnosed with Luekemia 4 months ago, even with insurance the medical expenses have overwhelmed her Mother. Lisa has had to sell her car and many of her belongings to cover copays, and travel expenses.
She is 2 months behind on her rent and recieved an eviction notice from her landlord yesterday. He does not seem to be concerned about why Lisa is late or that her daughter is sick. He simply wants his rent.
Lisa spoke with the local welfare office who is willing to give her food assistance, but states that they will not help her with her rent because the $750.00 a month rent is too high for her and is considered "unsustainable" (obviously or she would not need help with rent).
I have used go fund me and kickstarter to raise money in the past to host shows (concerts) but, never have I used it for such a deserving and sad cause. Hopefully, it will be just as successful.
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