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Blessing Haiti Inc. (BHI) born and registered by the state of Florida on 02/02/2013 by president and founder Sister Milcar Leonfils Diaz who felt a passion to help the children of Haiti. Mrs Leonfils felt obligated to do more for the suffering and the misery of the children and the people with their needs for EDUCATION, SHELTER, AND FOOD. Sister Leonfils plan is collect donations of all sources in order to build ORPHANAGES were they will be provide with clothing, education,food, and first aid. To provide these needs and be able to sustain the project for many years to come, WE NEED YOUR HELP! Thousands of childrens were left without parents SO, Sister leonfils plans if to acomodate these childrens in NEW BUILDINGS that we can provide the main goals of our mission. Providences like "Carrefour Grandeur, Benet, Gore, Peti Place, and others where there's no water system, only just a few schools and no health clinics are the places we want to work on. There are many organizations helping in Port au Prince and not focusing in the outer areas like these providences who have being taken homeless children, individuals and families affected by the earthquake. The nearest clinic from Beniet is about 4 hours by foot. PLEASE HELP US PROVIDE A BETTER LIVING FOR OUR PEOPLE OF HAITI!!!!
7385 Sylvan Dr.
SANFORD, Florida 32771
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Milcar Leonfils Diaz, Main Contact
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Milcar Leonfils Diaz
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