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Pittsburgh Flying Disc Society

Pittsburgh Flying Disc Society
The Pittsburgh Flying Disc Society (PFDS) is an organization that was established to promote community involvement and activities through the sport of Disc Golf and other frisbee sports. Disc golf is currently the fastest growing sport in the world with new courses and players growing at an exponential rate. Just within 50 miles of Pittsburgh there are 25 courses with Schenley Park being the first in 1988.

PFDS in involved with local schools and youth through the EDGE (Educational Disc Golf Experience) program. Each year the Pittsburgh Scholastic Championships are held between schools and players as well.

In 2015 the PFDS will be hosting the 2015 Professional Disc Golf World Championships. Over 400 professional disc golfers will be in the Pittsburgh area for this tournament. This gives the area a financial boost, and also more people than ever will be hearing about and wanting to play disc golf. We will continue growing as an organization after Worlds is done and hosting more events and programs to teach the new players brought about by this tournament.
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