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Knight + Grae

Knight + Grae
A private show?? For $20?!?!

Yup. That's right, it's raffle time and we're on a mission to send some wonderful people to Choice Center Leadership University in Las Vegas Nevada. Each $20 ticket purchased will equal (1) entry into the raffle. The grand prize winner will receive a private show at their home or business from Steve Knight and Nina Grae. Proceeds from this raffle will go directly towards the tuition for a few amazing folks who are committed to making BIG changes in their lives in 2015.

Who are we?:
Knight + Grae makes music with a mission. What is our mission? To UPLIFT, INSPIRE, and UNITE humanity. Currently, we live in an age where the musical messages of love, family, faith and social progression are outnumbered by messages of lower vibrational frequencies (drugs, casual sex, materialism, unconsciousness). While it's a big goal to want to turn the music industry completely upside down, we're committed to doing our part to put the heart back into music... one song at a time.

Raffle River has helped Knight + Grae raise $242 and host 1 raffle.
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