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Tanya Hariram Foundation

Tanya Hariram Foundation
Living with scoliosis is a great challenge and even more so without treatment. Tanya is experiencing pain with every movement, lack of sleep due to discomfort and pain and difficulty breathing due to the pressure of her ribs on her lungs. She has had to drop out of school because children would bully and hurt her physically because of her deformed look Tanya has been out of school for 3 years. She deserves a normal life. She deserves to be able to have a good night’s sleep and to be able to go to school and learn and make a contribution to our world. Tanya is a spirited individual and an exceptional young lady.

Please help Tanya get the medical treatment she needs. She is not asking you for a lot of money. The average American household spends $89.25 on alcohol and tobacco every month. Tanya is only asking you to donate $10 to help her get her surgery done at the Hospital of Special Surgery in New York. There are several foundations set up claiming to help children like Tanya.

Your donation is a gift and a blessing to Tanya with your best wishes for her future and her well-being. Thank you for your donation and your compassion.
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