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Citizens of the World Charter School - Hollywood

Citizens of the World Charter School - Hollywood
The mission of Citizens of the World Charter Schools is to create a high-achieving, community-based public schools that reflect the abundant socioeconomic, racial, and cultural diversity of local communities. Our Hollywood campus is an intellectually challenging, experiential learning environment that develops each student’s abilities, confidence, and sense of communal responsibility. In this spirit, we work conscientiously to build strong communities both within and outside the classroom.

Our student-centered learning model boosts critical thinking and cognitive skills for our diverse collection of students. We focus on providing interactive learning experiences in a warm, joyful community with peers from all backgrounds; this approach helps prepare students not only to survive but also to thrive in college, our diverse modern society, and in a global economy. CWC’s emphasis on the multiple intelligence theory recognizes differences in the ways individuals learn and the unique combination of intelligences that each child may possess. We are preparing our students to emerge as a new generation of leaders – as trailblazers who are ready to tackle the future challenges in our world and surpass the conceived limitations of what students, communities, parents, and schools can achieve in the world.
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