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Gramma's Angels

Gramma's Angels
Grammas Angels is an online support group for Grandmothers who have lost a grandchild, As grandparents, we grieve deeply for the loss of our grandchild but also for the person our child was before the loss of their child. The group is a place for comfort and understanding where all grieving grammas can go and be understood without saying a word.
Gramma's Angels was founded in 2010 by two women who found each other through another support group that is made up largely of parents who have lost a child, The idea to create Gramma's Angels was born from the fact that most support groups focus on the parents of angels, but nothing was available for grandparents. The group was formed by women, for women so that the members would feel comfortable sharing all aspects of their struggle...even where it might pertain to relationships within their families. Today there are 370 members in the group and a new group, Grandpa's Angels, has been formed by the husbands of the Gramma;s.
Raffle River has helped Gramma's Angels raise $938 and host 1 raffle.
$938 raised
Renee Sechrist, Main Contact
Team Members
Angela Davis
Char Bresach
Debbie Hernandez
Donna Snodgrass
Hermene Anderson
Holli Thompson
Joan Copelan Steele
Jodi Zammit
Lea Krause
Linda Osimitz
Not Referred...Just saw the link
Pamela Malisa
Peggy Burgess
Renee Sechrist
Sheila Peteri
Sherri McKibbin
Sherry Babcock
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