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Veterans Empowering Veterans

Veterans Empowering Veterans
Fighting in a war can be a harrowing and humbling experience for many, but imagine coming back and not having or being able to find a home. More than one million veterans are at risk of becoming homeless, while tens of thousands of former service-members are already living without shelter, according to the Center For American Progress. In fact, one in seven homeless people previously served in the military, a December 2011 report found, and much of the other data surrounding homeless veterans are equally worrisome. The issue of veteran homelessness is becoming increasingly important as defense spending cuts limiting vital benefits for veterans will automatically take effect in 2013, if Congress doesn't take action, according to the Center For American Progress.

As the future of the veteran support systems hangs in the balance, a recent report found that, compared with other homeless people, veterans face even greater adversity. Former service members are 11 percent more likely to develop a life-threatening disease while living without shelter compared to their non-veteran counterparts.

Veterans Empowering Veterans (VEV) will use the sales of this tickets to raise money to fix our two halfway homes, in which we can help our brothers and sisters in arms start a new path to success.

The raffle will be held at the VEV Venetian Masquerade Ball, June 6th, 2015. You do not need to be present to win!

Thank you.

Veterans Empowering Veterans
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