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"We are here to promote and protect the safe integration of UAS into the national airspace."
A love for tech and aviation is the motivating force behind the UAV Systems Association. We consists of a diverse group of manufacturers, distributors, retailers, publishing companies, software companies, creatives, and enthusiasts.

Across the USA everyday a Veteran returns from service to a workforce with the discipline few can achieve anywhere else, yet we are struggling as a nation to find good paying jobs for these fine men and women. The UAVSA is creating a comprehensive education initiative to train Veteran's in all the aspects of the Commercial Drone Industry. The UAVSA was at the White House on January 26th of this year (the day a drone crash landed on the White House Lawn) and introduced the language distinguishing a "Manned Pilot's Requirement" and an "Unmanned Pilot's Requirement". This was a very important step in the FAA's first draft in the National Proposes Rule Making Process.

The UAVSA is in the unique position to be the voice for the collective commercial UAS community with our membership and participation in the FAA sanctioned Center of Excellence grant bid. This CoE will aid in establishing the laws and guidelines for the legal commercial operation of unmanned systems in national airspace with the participation of major universities and research partners.
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