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Central State University Atl Alumni Association

Central State University Atl Alumni Association
The Central State University Atlanta Alumni Association (CSU-AAA) will be hosting the 2015 CSU-NAA Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Ga from June 26-28, 2015.

The purpose of the CSU-AAA's participation in the Annual Meeting is to raise funds in order to provide scholarships. The students who attend Central State University depend on the support of alumni and friends. Without the participation of alumni assisting with fundraising and scholarship initiatives, the students cannot succeed.

We realize that your support is critical to the success of our efforts in impacting the students we serve. Imagine what our potential would be if we committed ourselves to truly demonstrating our love and appreciation by giving back to the university that so graciously gave to us.

I encourage you to re-establish your commitment to our students and to Central State University through your continued interest and financial support!
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