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Park City Women's Network

Park City Women's Network
Park City Women's Business Network is a Nonprofit organization that supports women in business through education, networking and collaboration. The monthly meetings are a place where women can come to network, get education from speakers, hear informative panel discussions as well as collaborate and support each other through formatted networking events. In 1995, we began to dedicate funds to support college-bound females whose dreams are to pursue careers in various fields. This scholarship is a stringent process that begins every spring where over 80 applicants are guided by both the Park City Education Foundation and the Community Scholarship Counselor. Proceeds are awarded to outstanding high school female graduates who have demonstrated some of the following: leadership, scholastic achievement, team involvement, integrity, community service, work ethic and need.
Raffle River has helped Park City Women's Network raise $14,721 and host 4 raffles.
$14,721 raised
Kathleen Barlow, Main Contact
Team Members
Andrea Cox
Anne Winston
Bri Klug
Brooke Hafets
Brooke Hafets
Cindy Lo Patriello
Erika Schultz
Jennifer Thomas
Kasey Ring
Kat Trumble
Kathie Marriott-Manangan
Kathleen Barlow
Kathleen Barlow
Katy Bauer
Keri Turbeville
Lindsay Simpson
Molly Miller
Shannon Ireland
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