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The Abyssinian Fund

The Abyssinian Fund
The Abyssinian Fund is committed to reducing poverty in Ethiopia- the birthplace of Coffee. Coffee farmers in Ethiopia make less than $500 per year. Most farmers don’t have access to the training and equipment necessary to grow great quality coffee. We partner with farming communities supplying training and equipment that allows them to produce some of the world’s best coffee.

The Abyssinian Fund does Charity, differently. All the communities we partner with agree to invest at least 10% of their profits to support programs in healthcare, education, and clean water. Through this partnership we will build the first high school in the community, construct a modern clinic with a full time staff and provide 100% access to clean water.

Higher quality coffee demands a higher price. We work to make sure our farmers get the best price for their crops. The Abyssinian Fund does not use 1¢ of the farmers profit for any of our cost.

Our mission is simple. We train and equip farmers to grow great quality coffee. By helping 1 farmer, you empower an entire family and transform a community.
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